Two Immigrants Debate Immigration

Shikha Dalmia and I have a long exchange in the latest (December 2016) issue of Reason Magazine about the themes and findings in my new book, We Wanted Workers. The Reason editors entitled the exchange “Two Immigrants Debate Immigration.” I found it really interesting to discuss some of the key issues with a very able expositor of the  libertarian perspective.

As of today, the exchange is only available in the print edition of the magazine. I’ll make sure to update this post if the exchange is posted online at some point.

Some Thoughts on the H-1B Program

Today’s Room for Debate section of the New York Times has a discussion about the increasingly important role that Silicon Valley plays in Washington politics. I contributed a short article arguing that “Silicon Valley pushes for immigration reform for its own purposes.”

Hello World (again)

About 10 years ago, I had a blog that ran for about a year or so. It quickly began to consume too much of my time, and I realized that I could not be a heavy blogger and a full-time researcher at the same time. So I stopped blogging after a while.

Immigration is back big time. I’ve been dragged into a public debate over some work I did last summer. And I have a book coming out in the fall that hopes to clarify many of the issues in the immigration debate.

So I’m going to try blogging one more time. I’ve learned my lesson; I don’t expect to be blogging daily. But I suspect that the book will provoke some reactions–and the election is coming up as well. So come summer/fall I may be hanging around here more than just a bit.