Interview in Dagens Nyheter

A few weeks ago,  journalists from the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter visited my office at Harvard to conduct a long interview. The newspaper has just published the news story. It’s in Swedish, so I’m clueless about its contents. But the graphics are really impressive.

In related news, it’s been difficult to blog much in recent days. I have a number of pressing deadlines–papers that need to be written in the next two months–and am doing quite a bit of traveling. I spent all of last week in Europe, giving a lecture in Madrid and participating in a refugee-related conference in Milan. In fact, I will be returning to Europe again next month and in June as well. As the political earthquake that shook Austria over the weekend suggests, we have not yet reached the new equilibrium implied by the pursuit of Merkel-type immigration policies.


Author: George Borjas

I am a Professor of Economics and Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.